Two papers have been accepted at the 20th IEEE PerCom conference which will take place in Pisa from 21st to 25th of March:

  • The paper "FedCLAR: Federated Clustering for Personalized Sensor-Based Human Activity Recognitionby Riccardo Presotto, Gabriele Civitarese, and Claudio Bettini has been accepted as a full paper at IEEE PerCom main conference. 
  • The paper "Preliminary Results on Sensitive Data Leakage in Federated Human Activity Recognition" by Riccardo Presotto, Gabriele Civitarese, and Claudio Bettini has been accepted at CoMoRea workshop, a satellite event co-located with the PerCom conference.

The paper "ProCAVIAR: Hybrid Data-Driven and Probabilistic Knowledge-Based Activity Recognition" by Claudio Bettini, Gabriele Civitarese, Davide Giancane, and Riccardo Presotto has been accepted for publication on IEEE Access.

Gabriele Civitarese is one of the Program Chairs of the 9th EAI International Conference on Wireless Mobile Communication and Healthcare.

The objectives of this conference are to advance personal healthcare, medical diagnosis, treatment, patient care, patient safety through the application of sensing technologies (e.g. Internet of Things IoT), mobile computing, and effective data management methodologies.

Detailed information about this conference can be found here:

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