Project Information

Funding organization: Fondazione Comunità di Milano
Call: Bando57
Principal Investigator: Dragan Ahmetovic
Period: 01 Nov. 2021 - 31 Oct. 2023
Funded amount: 70000 €


For people with hemophilia, physical therapy is needed to preserve muscle strength, robustness of ligaments and tendons, and motion range of joints. However, motivating patients to maintain adherence to the training regimen is difficult, in particular for children with hemophilia.
As a means of promoting at-home exercises, we propose to use existing popular mobile games as exergames, remapping game interactions to body movements detected using mobile device video camera. Body movements are defined by physical therapists specifically for each patient's needs, while suitable games can be selected and modified based on the patient's unique interests.

Work packages

  1. Coordination (WP leader: Dragan Ahmetovic)
  2. Development and Maintenance (WP leader: Sergio Mascetti)
  3. Definition of the Physical Therapy Program (WP leader: Roberta Gualtierotti)
  4. Application of the Methodology with Patients (WP leader: Flora Peyvandi)
  5. Communication (WP leader: Dragan Ahmetovic)